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Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Milton Keynes

settlement agreement is a legally binding resolution between an employer and an employee. They typically take place where an employer seeks to terminate an employment contract, and offers a financial payment to settle possible claims of the employee to avoid further litigation. Usually the agreement consists of the employee’s agreement to end their employment, possibly because of redundancy, but it can be for many other reasons, in return for financial compensation.

If an employer approaches you with a settlement agreement offer, you should be wary. Employers can attempt to take advantage of employees and fail to offer the financial compensation they are entitled to.

Under the law, the terms of a settlement agreement only become binding once an employee has taken legal advice from a solicitor. In most cases, the employer is responsible for some or all of the legal costs incurred by an employee during this process.  

Settlement Agreement guidance for employees

Dawson Employment Law is fully authorised by the Law Society of England and Wales to advise employees living or working in Milton Keynes on settlement agreements. We will help you secure the best settlement package possible from your employer, and negotiate your employer’s contribution to your legal fees.

Your case will be handled personally by Rosine Dawson, who will negotiate the terms of the settlement agreement on your behalf. Rosine has 20 years’ experience advising clients on all aspects of employment law, including successful stints at global law firm DLA Piper and Fennemores Solicitors in Milton Keynes.

She has successfully defended some 40 employment tribunal claims in the last four years alone, and can offer one-to-one guidance through each stage of the process at a fraction of the cost demanded by larger firms.

If you work in Milton Keynes and your employer has asked you to sign a Settlement Agreement, contact us to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. There will be no charge for the initial phone consultation.  

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