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Unfair Dismissal Claims

Unfair dismissal is when your employment contract is terminated and your employer did not have a legitimate reason for doing so. This can occur in a wide variety of circumstances.

If you believe you have been dismissed unfairly, you can make a complaint against an employer to an Employment Tribunal. Successful claims result in financial compensation for the employee. In many cases, unfair dismissal claims may be resolved through settlement before reaching an employment tribunal.

Employment law can be difficult to navigate on your own. In order to secure the best outcome for your case, you should consider taking legal advice. Dawson Employment Law has helped resolve a wide variety of unfair dismissal claims in Milton Keynes. If you believe you have been a victim of unfair dismissal, we can assess your claim, and negotiate the best possible settlement. Don’t delay as there is a time limit of under 3 months from dismissal within which to bring your claim.Dawson Employment Law is fully authorised by the Law Society of England and Wales to advise employees living or working in Milton Keynes on unfair dismissal claims.

You will receive 1-1 guidance from Rosine Dawson, a senior solicitor and employment specialist who will personally handle your case from start to finish. Rosine will assess the viability of your claim, negotiate a financial settlement with your employer, and if necessary, escalate to an employment tribunal. She is contactable on a flexible basis, including during out of office hours.

The merits of your case will be assessed in a free initial consultation. Thereafter any legal costs incurred will be communicated in a clear and concise manner, allowing you to choose a charging structure that suits your needs. In the case of successfully negotiated claims, your employer often pays your legal fees as part of the financial settlement.  You may also have insurance to cover legal fees for employment related claims under your home insurance and you should check whether this is the case. Dawson Employment Law  has been authorised by insurance companies on many occasions to run unfair dismissal claims for Claimants.

We have helped numerous employees in Milton Keynes gain the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. Therefore, if you work in Milton Keynes and believe you may have been unfairly dismissed, contact us for a free consultation.

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